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Tysons Corner - Come See the Future
Creating Fairfax County's New Downtown

Our Speakers
Barbara Byron
Director, Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization

Michael Caplin
Executive Director, Tysons Partnership

Tysons Corner - the urban center of the future - is transforming our region.
Join us to learn about progress to unlock Tysons' tremendous potential.

Four years ago, Fairfax County adopted a major overhaul of the comprehensive plan for Tysons Corner.

The purpose was to transform Tysons from a huge suburban office park covered by vast parking lots into Fairfax County’s urban “downtown.” By 2050, Tysons will be a walkable, sustainable, urban center that will be home to up to 100,000 residents and 200,000 jobs.

Over the past four years, the Fairfax County and the Tysons stakeholders – landowners, developers, businesses, and residents – have begun to implement the new Tysons plan, and the Metro Silver Line has added a whole new dimension to regional access to Tysons.

So how are things going so far after four years? What kinds of developments and projects are proposed? Will we really be able to walk around and ride our bicycles in Tysons? Is traffic being taken care of? Are things actually being built yet? Will people really want to live, work, and play there? Will Tysons really become an urban place? Is everyone sticking to the plan? Will the plan be a success? Will Tysons be transformed?


Amphora Restaurant
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Vienna, VA 22180

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Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Barbara Byron, Director, Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization

Barbara Byron

Director, Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization

Barbara Byron has been the Director of the Office of Community Revitalization since 2007. Her office is charged with revitalizing the county’s older commercial and mixed-use areas, including leading the county’s efforts to redevelop Tysons into a pedestrian-oriented urban environment. She also has a primary role in the county’s public/private partnerships including formulating Community Development Authorities and Tax Increment Financing initiatives.

Between 1986 and 2007, Ms Byron was the Director of the Fairfax County Zoning Evaluation Division in the Department of Planning and Zoning. She was responsible for directing and overseeing the 400 to 500 rezoning, special exception, special permit, and variance applications received each year.

Prior to joining the Fairfax County staff, Ms Byron was an associate at EDAW, Inc., an international landscape architecture and planning firm.


Michael Caplin, ExecutiveDirector, Tysons Partnership

Michael Caplin

ExecutiveDirector, Tysons Partnership

The Tysons Partnership is an association of business, government, and community leaders working together to redevelop Tysons from a 1970s business park into an exciting, sustainable, 21st century downtown. Mr. Caplin is responsible for all aspects of operations, including membership, programs, communications, government and community relations.

Mr. Caplin’s career includes service as a public defender, a federal prosecutor, performing arts counselor and producer, a program director at the Smithsonian Institution, and senior executive and advisor for an array of nonprofit agencies working in the arts, education, and social services. He is a member of the George Mason University Center for Social Entrepreneurship Global Advisory Board; the FONZ Board; and the U.S. Presidential Scholars Commission, appointed by the President in 2010.

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